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Heads up, not sure how entirely active I’ll be on FR any more.

After recent updates I’m extremely disappointed in the concept FR staff has for it’s economy for all dragons to practically be worthless… so… this is exhausting and fruitless for me to play when I planned to play a dragon BREEDING site. Not just another type pet site where nothing matters apparently and there is nothing to achieve.

All my planning and carefully picked dragons just went swirling faster and faster down the drain… I honestly feel like I’ve wasted time on this site now.

I guess I’ll still be checking in on my dragons and probably seeing if I can’t breed/sell of my nicer pairs that I had planned out… to buy my lair space… which will never happen now. Sigh……………………………..

Just.. thought you all should know.

Such Idiots


Now the admins just seem stupid. They were honest-to-goodness expecting a ‘small community’? After the advertisements on tumblr/facebook/etc? After the KS? 

So maybe it was too late after the KS. But either way, if they were expecting to put 4 hours a week into a project like this, they done messed up. Even small petsites take a lot of work. I think the artists can get away with doing other work, but…not anyone else. 

Actually artists themselves need to spend almost all their time doing work to constantly keep updating the site and keep the users happy with a regular quota fill of items, dragon releases, and other various updates like genes and stuff!

They honestly need to hire a strict art director to help find a crew of artists who can all match a similar style to produce for the site and keep them all working on a regular schedule so a quota is met every month.

Judging from this site I say they honestly need a team of like… 10 or mroe artists MINIMUM. But again this is just an outsiders opinion, I have no idea the inner workings of FR or how they work to get stuff done.


yeah ok i’m sure i’m not the only one who feels really creepy about fr because even though its just a pet site, in the canon they are sentient beings and i just feel like a total creepy dragon pimp or something, pairing up and breeding all these persons. at the moment my clan consists of a brood mother, her daughter and their hatchling concubines. we await the day they grow old enough to mate. it’s so WEIRD

I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SUCH A CREEPER cause they are characters and beings with thought and I’m just all casually “ok you screw this one and make me babies now” JUST SO WEIRD AHHHHH


Tourac for Jazz. 

see ok I have no clue how to draw spirals but this person like got it down pat, it’s so pretty I could cry oh my gosh


Tourac for Jazz. 

see ok I have no clue how to draw spirals but this person like got it down pat, it’s so pretty I could cry oh my gosh

I feel like sharing that I spent $10,000 on gems. Over the span of two weeks. (Paypal is slow as sloths.) Take that as you will.

For reals? Woah. I’m not sure how much I’ve spent, but more than I’m probably willing to admit. I’m scared to go check and tally it up… probably never will. ;D;

Well that’s totally your business! Hey, you have that kind of game spending fund man, totally do your thing. You’re helping the game out and funding the staff! That’s actually extremely generous and stellar. Big props to you.

But in the end no matter what investments you put into the game you gotta realize it’s still JUST A GAME. No matter what you pay into it - that’s you doing it of your own free will (Not cornering you anon I swear, just people with this mindset where FR OWES them.)

But man, just a game. Can’t really expect them to cater to just you and your needs no matter what you spend on the game in cash or time is what I’m thinking.

I feell the need to share that when I did my very first breeding of an Imperial and a Wildclaw I got two babies and only one was an Imperial. I beat the odds and got a Wildclaw baby out of an Imperial/Wildclaw breeding I feel like a god

Daaaaaaaaang son, that is some wicked odd chances there! I did hear about a few nests lately that are getting more and more WC out of impxwc breedings? I’m not sure if there is something going on with FR messing with the breeding deals or if some people just have the weirdest luck.

I haven’t seen a single WC in my imp clutches just yet. Oh well, I wouldn’t be too distraught if that happened!

not going to lie

people get WAY too emotionally invested in this silly dragon game. Just wowzah.


hey i got into that flight rising thing

this is exactly how I feel like I’m playing FR.


hey i got into that flight rising thing

this is exactly how I feel like I’m playing FR.

I hate how people think that about Wildclaws. All the dragons are wonderful for their own reasons and I wish they got better than 'Imp factory' status

I love love love my Wildclaws and do try to breed more WC! But it’s really expensive to do that and iffy depending on what people are looking for in colors and junk. Imp breeding is practically a guarantee about making a small profit. Hence why more people use that.

I can’t wait to have more Rare dragon breeds WITH my Wildclaws so I can have more options to breed them with. I love mixing my breed pairs… only WC never comes out cause they’re the top breed. Blah. So never any WC babies for me… boooo….

Oh well, I really love WC regardless of why people use them. <3

people who won’t use Wildclaws for anything but pumping out Imperials INFURIATE ME





I dare anyone to tell me how much I “don’t” love my wildclaws.

You don’t need to reply to mean-spirited, obscenity-laden rants from anonymous people online. Why magnify the significance of a solitary crazy person who is just out to ruin everyone’s day? Do you really want to share that with people who have chosen to follow you?

I’m guessing that it made you mad and you wanted to get back at the person who wrote it, but by reblogging, you shared that ugly rant with all of your followers. 

I personally recommend blocking dramarising so you don’t have to read such drivel. But if you enjoy reading it, just remember that you are giving validity and publicity to whatever you reblog.

Oh dear, I believe you have completely misunderstood my reblog.

I was more or less completely joking in this reblog - I personally ENJOY snarky humor. It was for laugh. It’s a really good sign to see if I’m using a gif you will know I’m not at all being serious. ESPECIALLY since it’s tinkerbell, haha…

I understand you might not enjoy this which is WHY I tag all my posts “AJ Replies” and things like that. I think for now on I’ll be sure to blatantly tagging them “DON’T TAKE SERIOUSLY I’M JOKING” just in case.

I was LAUGHING at the original post claiming that people who use WC to breed imps don’t love their WC. My favorite dragon who is a White/White Wildclaw named Adonis who I draw repeatedly is only used to try and breed more imps… Doesn’t mean I love him any less and was giggling at this aspect. Hence the “seriously I breed imps and my page is just decked out in WC art and goodies even tho he’s used for imp breeding. So hence the joke about all this.

But I will probably strongly advise you to unfollow this blog since this is the 2nd time I’ve seen you get upset at my blogging on here… this is what my side blog is for, for talking about FR. GOOD AND BAD. If you don’t like that or seeing my opinions on FR that’s totally okay! No worries!

If you only like my artwork you can always just check and track my art tag #AJARTING c: So I hope that helps make your dash more pleasant!